ocean tones

ocean tones - light bulb moment for powder room. Walls are darker greige-y color, will paint wide stripes in lighter tone.

Design Seeds. Soft Deep Summer bridging ... Winter. (Quoted from previous Pinner.

Possible basement color scheme? Storming hues - wonderful blue-grays, an indescribable spruce-green-blue, and a hint of muted turquoise-gray - a wonderful mix that only needs one contrast.

colors of the sky

cloud colour pallet, teal, deep blue, soft grey for the living room or master bedroom

Ocean Breeze Wall Mural

Ocean Breeze Wall Mural

This giant mural truly transforms a wall into an idyllic beach scene, complete with a warm breeze. Murals make a bold and beautiful statement in any x mural comes with 8 panelsVinyl

beach house in the city: inspirational color

Always hunting for paint color inspiration. I like this combo.If I had my old house. I would use these colors on the outside. It would be pretty. A little cool for living room.

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Good colors for front room ---"Blue-grays with gold are a sedate alternative to terra cotta as the secondary color. This palette is very nice.

Azules y arenas

Docked Tones - palette of blue gray and mushroom. cabinets light tan, the floor is grey marble'ish tile, the walls opposite are dark beige and stormy blue.

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Gorgeous twilight tree tones in grey, beige, soft blues and teal. Relaxing for a bedroom, or even a dining room.

Nocturnal Tones

nocturnal tones - thinking these colors would be great for a bedroom. Like the dark gray for an upholstered headboard, maybe an accent wall in the first color with the rest of the room in the second color? Yes.

Mix and match

I like the color combo treated tones bedroom/bathroom/spare bedrooms bathroom- aqua walls, closet & vanity tan. bedroom- maroon wall where the tv is, others are tan. spare bedrooms are tan.