Hahaha ;)

this is so me now that I'm not living with y'all anymore @Melanie Bauer Bauer Bauer Traylor !!! LOL

poor guy will be harassed the rest of his life.

funny meme ain’t nobody got time for that. Omg I got time for Adam!!

hahaha this is one of my favortie scenes from bridemaids.

Oh Snap !

Parenting Techniques: Moms vs. Dads | More LOLs Funny Stuff for Moms | NickMom. We don't have kids yet but my hubby already does that with ice cream 😉


Hahahahahaha Yeah, pretty much.

Would give my left arm to sit in on this!

"Happiness isn't good enough for me! I demand euphoria!" Calvin and Hobbes was a huge part of my childhood. I love philosophy in comic strips.

So true.


Haha it's so true!!!

Haha, way to go mom (:

Hehe a girl at my school was wearing this shirt today and I thougt it was awesome!!! :) – Shirtoopia