Divertidos monstruos hechos de calcetines. Aprende a hacerlos en: http://bit.ly/stiRbj #manualidades

Socktopuses: Take a sock, stuff with fabric or plastic bags. Sew shut. Cut bottom of sock into legs. Ta-Da. Put rice or beans inside to make hand warmers I like these


tissue box monster feet - craft for kids to make at monster bash

Monster Mittens

Don't waste $ on expensive 'crackle finish' paints, good ol' white school glue works! Instructions: 1.Paint wood surface with base coat paint and allow to dry thoroughly. 2.Brush White Glue on top of base coat. (A thicker coat results in larger cracks - apply a thinner coat for fine cracks.) 3.While glue is tacky, brush on top coat. 4.Dry completely.


...life is about to get way more interesting...

Cómo hacer sellos con tapas de plástico | Manualidades para niños

Monstruos achuchables

Glove Monsters

Organización del material escolar en el aula creado por parte de los alumnos

toilet paper monsters

Christmas gifts for the nieces and nephews!

Step 1: Wash and dry your sweater. I picked up two from a thrift store in the same color but different thicknesses and textures. Turn the sweater inside out. Step 2: Place your pillow form onto your sweater lining up one edge of the form with a side of the sweater if possible. This makes 1 less seam for your to sew! Step 3: Measure around the pillow leaving a margin to sew. Mark and cut the sweater. Sew the two pieces together leaving a space to slip the pillow form in. Cu...

DIY sock puppets

Mr. Monster holds the tooth and waits for the tooth fairy!

Sock bubbles...it took 3 mins to make & is soooo cool. The kids are gonna love it! Our favorite pinterest find yet!

Tip: Reciclaje rollos de papel higienico

Adorable Easy Sock Snowman !

Origami monster bookmarks...these are fun!