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Common Cooking Mistakes - lots of great info!

Cooking Mistake #39: Your Cookies Gain Unwanted Holiday Width |

The Most Common Cooking Mistakes. Good information, probably a few for experienced cooks too. And explanations to things you already know, but may not know "why".

I'll probably be dead before I switch to Celsius, Meters, or Grams, but liquid volume makes a real case for adopting the metric system.

The Most Common Cooking Mistakes — good to know! (Even if the list does read like an entire page of insults about your cooking abilities!)

Common Cooking Mistakes: Cooking Tips and Questions Answered - Cooking Light. 10. You overcrowd the pan. Result: Soggy food that doesn’t brown. Food releases moisture as it's cooked, so leave room for the steam to escape. It's easy to overcrowd a pan when you're in a hurry, particularly if you have to brown a large amount of meat for a beef stew. But the brown, crusty bits are critical for flavor, particularly with lower-fat cooking.