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  • Kathy McClain

    I love many things about Cades Cove. A long list for sure. One thing I love is the sound of the Bob White Quail in the fields and meadows. I have caught a glimpse or two of them over the years, but never an opportunity for a photo, ever. They are very shy and usually stay down in the tall grass. The other day, as I walked around in the fields off of Hyatt Ln. I heard two of them calling back and forth. I was able to zone in on one of those and found him sitting low on a tree branch.

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Quail - we have a whole quail family that lives right by us - the mama & papa bird always train their fledglings to fly off our back hedge every year :)

I used to have soooooooooooo many wild quail deer hogs ect until the animal shelter moved in next to me now all i hear is the dogs barking

Quail- we used to call them bob whites, after the way their call sounds

Funny Wildlife, Beautiful Quail!! When I grow up I want to be a peacock.

♥ just love these birds! We have a big family of quail make their way across our lawn going from one pasture to another.

California Quail. Get some quail. They require much less space. Stink less. Can be kept indoors, cannott be free range. Their eggs have more vitamin b and they sell for $9 a dozen

ever see a quail run? it's probably the cutest thing ever.

Gamble's Quail→ For more, please visit me at: quail under mom watchful eye!

Gambel's Quail, Callipepla gambelii, is a small ground-dwelling bird in the New World quail family. It inhabits the desert regions of Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Sonora; also New Mexico-border Chihuahua and the Colorado River region of Baja California. They are easily recognized by their top knots and scaly plumage on their undersides.