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#BookishQouteOfTheDay #Books #Reading

#BookishQouteOfTheDay #Books #Reading

Shatter Me quote-Aaron Warner Anderson!

Aaron Warner - Books are easily destroyed, but words will live as long as people remember them

Such a sweet story... The deeper lessons of Seuss continue to amaze ...

The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein. My most favorite book as a kid. Surprised i haven't had this pinned this already!

Honestly tho, romantic books lieeeeeee But a girl can dream❤

Someone posted a whisper in the group Addicted to Books, which reads "Reading books has made my love expectations so high, I don't even think that such a boy exists anymore"

Percy Jackson, Book Book Book, Fangirl, Fandoms, Fandom

"If you could make one fictional character real, who would you choose?"- the harry potter book family

Haha, that's a big improvement from the original! :D

Story of my life (fangirl version). This is just so true!

Me a cow on drugs when i fangurl in front of people

One time my friend and I were visiting a college where her father works and she started fangirling and she was on the floor in a ball squealing and spazzing.