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AMAZING outdoor kitchen! ♥ ♥ ♥

DIY: How to Build a Screened In Patio - via Family Handyman

Future home office. ;-)

Dinner at sunset with THAT view!

Light Brown and Gray Modern Master Bedroom

Light Brown Cypress-Paneled Modern Dining Area

What's your cookware? Non-stick, cast iron, ceramic, glass, clay... on

Great idea: potted herbs on kitchen window sill.

The best part of herb gardening is harvesting

How to grow and propagate mint

When the fruit trees bear more fruit than we can consume, the feeling is indescribable. It makes me feel rich. And that was how I felt earlier today as I picked limes off the three.

What are long-stemmed roses and where do they from?

Back in the old house, four kinds of basil grew in my garden -- lemon basil, holy basil, sweet basil and Thai basil. The lemon basil and sweet basil did not thrive, the Thai basil died even earlier, but the holy basil grew and thrived. In fact, it thrived so well that within a few months, I was making cuttings and replanting them and they thrived just as well as the mother plant. It was so sturdy that after we uprooted and replanted it after we moved houses, it never gave me cause for concern. It is bushier than ever and it provides me with all the leaves that I need for cooking.

Lime and calamondin flowers look so alike. But that's not their only similarity. Along with other citrus fruits, they have a lot of uses in the house and garden.

Getting rid of ants: boric acid or borax?

Want lead-free tableware? Use banana leaves.

In the garden: understanding that specialized leaves are not flowers

Our kalabaw mango ("super mango") tree is laden with fruits.

Follow our kitchen design guidelines for the placement of appliances, cabinets, and countertops, and you can't go wrong. | Illustration: Arthur Mount |

Brilliant! Saves counter space and makes everything look less cluttered. Dream home!

Corner drawers... heck YES... I NEED one of these #Kitchen, #Hacks, #ForTheHome. Post your project contractor contacts you in minutes free service leads for contractors

Don’t you just love this built-in pantry with its labeled wood drawers? The wine rack at the top is a nice touch, too.

What do you with that awkward space above your fridge? Turn it into a storage unit for platters, pans, cutting boards, cookie sheets, and more!