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Gorgeous color. Wonder if I could get away with this, or if it'd be too much. hmmm

"Illustrating my massive amount of hair that concealed the bucket in most of the shots, so I couldn't use them. See? Where's the bucket? I'm sitting in a bucket. I swear, with hair this long, who needs clothes?" / By wisely-chosen at flickr

thiiiis is exactly how i want my hair to be

This pink hair looks like Rose's hair from Steven Universe. ♥

I love her hair ~ with my white skin i could probably pull of red hair

Some day, when my husband's job doesn't require me to make occasional appearances at company events, I'm doing this.

Blonde long wavy curly hair, like mine naturally gotta learn how to control that frizz tho like her.

first and ONLY time in 2.5 years I've been tempted by a short haircut! Definitely how I will have my hair one day