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Frugal Family Homefrom Frugal Family Home

DIY Garden Trellis

Here's a great way to make your own trellis. This trellis is a great way to extend your gardening space. Grow your vegetables vertically. This trellis is easy to make and folds for easy winter storage. #garden #DIY #trellis

Cucumber Trellis/Lettuce Shade This takes the space saving of square foot gardening to a whole new level. Plus, it kills two birds with one DIY project — shading lettuce under the growth of cucumbers. And, all it takes is some chicken wire and scrap wood.

one veggie at a timefrom one veggie at a time

leaning string bean trellis

twine trellis for cucumbers or beans

HubPagesfrom HubPages

10 Simple Gardening Ideas

Training pumpkins and squash to grow on a trellis. Not sure where I will try this....but think I might someday!

BIG cucumber trellis with 2x3 and poultry fencing. Add a hinge to fold down.

Apartment Therapyfrom Apartment Therapy

Recycled Bike Wheel Garden Trellis — Suited To The Seasons

recycled bike wheel garden trellis.

cattle panel to create a trellis for veggies - this would be great for beans, peas, cucumbers....need to check this out!

A great reusable and DIY trellis for raised beds and vertical growing. I love the hinge on top to fold it when not in use and the replaceable bottom feet idea