Apple colour under the apple tree. ''last day of summer''. Now just need a book & some lemonade to make a perfect afternoon

I love this!!!!

Outdoor hammock with twinkle lights= Totally romantic place to spend a summer night!

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I've always had a thing for hammocks. A hammock implies rest, relaxation. A hammock, a great book, the peace and quiet of a lazy Sunday afternoon.

tire swing

Reminds me of my childhood. Everyone had a tire swing and a barn! A much simpler time. Well no barn in the city but definitely the swing made by my Dad

what I wouldn't give for a big, rambling back yard. seen on Hometown Girl.

Taking Our Dining Rooms Outdoors -Al Fresco Dining! Our picks of some beautiful and fun al fresco dining settings.

A Keeper ...

I'm inviting you to come for a relaxing stroll through my gardens and special outdoor spaces. Feel free to take a nap in my comfy hammock w.