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Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance-drama. Kabuki theater is known for the stylization of its drama and for the elaborate make-up worn by some of its performers.

Kabuki Theater Costumes Kabuki Theatre Costumes Kabuki, traditional Japanese popular drama with singing and dancing performed in a highly stylized manner. A rich blend of music, dance, mime, and spectacular staging and costuming, it has been a major theatrical form in Japan for almost four centuries. The term kabuki originally suggested the unorthodox and shocking character of this art form.

Kabuki (Japan). 'For sheer otherworldly bizarreness, few theatrical spectacles come close to kabuki. It’s not a drama if you don’t understand the words, for this amps up the ‘alien beings who’ve come down to earth to flummox and mind-boggle the earthlings’ factor that makes kabuki one of the most entertaining ways to lose yourself in Japan.' www.lonelyplanet....

Bandō Tamasaburō V in the role of the shishi (a lion) in the kabuki play kagamijishi if you are interested in kabuki you can watch a video of him playing that role (and doing an amazing job i think) here: youtube

Mom loved Kabuki...I can't say the same for the rest of us. When we lived in Japan Mom and Dad took us to a Kabuki Theater to see the performance. After about 15 minutes Dad gladly left with my little brother and me to go to the nearby PX for candy bars and comic books. Mom happily finished watching the program in peace.......Elizabeth

A article on the origins of Kabuki. Really fascinating :)

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