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  • Melanie Guerrero

    I am a disney nerd and I'm proud! Bucket list.

  • Gabby Kirker

    spend an entire day watching disney movies. Next movie marathon @Ashley Francis?!

  • Carly Boyum

    We Heart It found on Polyvore featuring polyvore, bucket list, before i die, pictures, quotes, bucketlist, text, phrase and saying

  • Reina Del Rio

    With my bestfriend Azia! :)

  • brittany welty

    spend an entire day watching disney movies... best friend things

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Was in my bucket list since childhood...feels so good that its finally fulfilled :) so check

it would be so much fun if it was an old movie....

The movie may have a lot of actual facts wrong with it but I still go to watch it at the 15th year anniversary with the actors in it in England next to my love, best friend, soul mate, and eternal companion after he won a contest for me to go see it there!

Okay, maybe not actually Christmas day, but Disney is pretty magical around Christmastime. :)

At first i just saw 'go to disney world' and thought, well ive already done that, but to do it with your best friend, wowza. BEST. HOLIDAY. EVER. Doing this over my last spring break before graduation! It's gonna be epic!

Going to Disney world with some of my bestfriends feb 2013 to see my best friend get married in Florida :) super excited!

The swing at the end of the world...I might just be crazy enough to try. La Casa Del Arbol in Baños, Ecuador

A must for anyone's bucket list...

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I think this is a must for everyone who lives here.....what a great country we have and it would be awesome to see all of it:)