How to make a really cheap curtain rod @ House of Hepworths

How to make a CHEAP awesome curtain rod @ House of Hepworths.actually this "pin" is for very long drapery rods (DIY) and faux pinch pleat drapes!

Cast Iron Display Rod ~

How to DIY a curtain rod with galvanized pipe, without it looking industrial. Love the rod and curtains

The cheapest DIY curtain rods ever - Lovely Etc. ♥ an awesome idea! ♥

The cheapest DIY curtain rods ever

These DIY curtain rods are perfect for those extra long windows or any window where you need a super cheap curtain rod. All you need are a few dollars worth of supplies from the hardware store.

i just purchased some hand-printed fabric named Legumes ... it will make perfect kitchen curtains ... even I can make these!

DIY Home Decor: Cafe Curtains i needed an idea for my kitchen window and i am so doing this with some yellow fabric i already have!

Faux Roman Shade - 3 tension rods and some fabric. So easy and looks great.

I have been looking so long for a quick, easy no sew shade tutorial for my kitchen window. I am so happy I stumbled on this DIY No Sew Faux Roman Shade fro

DIY window covers that work like blinds!  I have so many old, dirty, (partially broken) mini blinds that i could do this with!!

"DIY window covers that work like blinds!" I have vertical/horizontal blinds, lots of inherited table clothes and tapestry, and needy windows! Maybe I'll make a unique shade on EVERY window!

Inspiration : la chambre de notre Baby Boy ♥ - FrenchyFancy

Creative ideas to make your own curtains AND curtain rods! SO many inspiring ideas! 27 DIY ideas for sewing, hot glue, painting curtains & curtain rods.

Upholster your box springs and get rid of your bed skirt. Brilliant!

Create “faux” beds and attached furniture feet to the box springs and use fabric to cover the exposed box springs and get rid of those "wiggly" bed skirts! You could even use the bed skirt as your fabric!

How to make a galvanized curtain rod from plumbing parts

DIY Curtain Rods Made From Galvanized Plumbing Parts

curtain rods made from galvanized plumbing parts a tutorial, repurposing upcycling, How to make curtain rods from galvanized plumbing parts Drop cloth curtains and string lights for the porch