how to style a classic Chignon

thick side braid, pinned - perfect for a longer pixie cut

Simple chignon

.Z LaRue Tip: The cut of the dress determines your Hairstyle.

bow bun

This would make a good reference to take to the hairdresser. "THIS is how long I want." Then just explain what style.

230 Pinning hair at the sides rather than full half back.

curly hair swept to one side love it! Must ask my hair stylist to do this for my wedding <3

wedding hairstyle

Beauty Tutorials: Hair tutorials

This hair

Part hair in the middle or slightly off center, but it's important to have a pretty balanced left and right side. Part hair all the way down to the nape of your neck as if you're making pigtails. Spritz shine spray or run shine serum over the left side of your hair, then secure one elastic about 1-2 inches from the bottom of that section. Repeat on the right side. Take both sections and twist them inward (toward each other) and back. Wrap them around each other until the ponies look lik...

So cute and SO easy!

wow she made this look too easy...

Half and Half | 28 DIY Hairstyles

Hair idea

Side braid/bun!


No more old fashioned-pony tails! Here is a Hair and Make-up tip by Steph: Ten Ways to Dress Up a Ponytail #hairstyles #healthyskin #Australianskincare