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A visit to the Red Light District, Amsterdam, the Netherlands and The Sex Museum. If you are in Amsterdam you have to do it!

Saw a show in Amsterdam that involved a donkey...nuff' said.

Amsterdam's Red Light District is more fun and way classier than American prudes give it credit for. That's where all the good restaurants and coffeshops are, and the girls working the windows are often better looking and better behaved than the women on billboards in Times Square.

Amsterdam red light district

Amsterdam one o the prettiest cities I've been to-not just about the red light district-lost ourselves Venice style here :-)

bruges, belgium....Dream trip is us taking Chris, Jordan, Brayden and Kayla Grace. Loved it there. We need a lottery please!

leafde pictures: Snowy Amsterdam - I took a break from shopkeeping and walked around with my camera. It was magical. I didn't feel the cold until I was covered in snow!

Amsterdam, Netherlands - where the bikers rule the streets :)

Amsterdam, I would loooooove it there, all those bikes and great art, and other pleasures... ;)

I have actually seen this lovely house and took almost the same photo! I think it is just wonderful! Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam. This could be...exactly where Augustus and Hazel sat, surrounded by the confetti seeds and Hazel's voice finishing Prufrock and where they were told that they, the beautiful couple, is beautiful. ♥I need to go here.

Amsterdam, Países Bajos // Amsterdam, The Netherlands // Amsterdam, Nederlanden