so clean and spacious

light & bright

All white.

skylight please

White Interior ... Six windows of light! Simple and wonderful. FROM:


open space and window light



February - 28 days, 4 weeks exactly and so a good month to: • not use the internet (other than for work and sending/receiving necessary emails) • not watch tv, dvd's or go to the movies • eat well avoiding grains, dairy, sugar and alcohol, • purchase any new clothing. I will: 1. read, 2. study a language, 3. connect with family & friends, 4. exercise, stretch, relax, 5. pause, look around and breathe. Have a fabulous Feb, best wishes Helen


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Landing -- window seat

Frank Missotten

Steel industrial window and door serve as room divider. Pinned by Heather Hudson Realtor® in Austin, TX 512-431-2120

Arch one with my old stain glass and some fixed glass for the sunrise (east)side of the cabin