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Wind power generator kit review article for household installs. Want to have your very own wind generator which generates 100 % free electricity to you personally? Get going here.

Small alternative energy hybrid systems for homes. Perfect set up geographically and weatherly for this type of dealio

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How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Solar Heater Diagram. How to build one at Mother Earth News

Build a Simple Backyard Wind Turbine #DIY

Groundbreaking Energy Ball Wind Turbine for Home Power #susty #sustainability #windpower #windenergy #greenenergy #durableenergy #btgvorovoro #fiji #vorovoro

Build-it-yourself wind generator blueprints.

Homemade wind turbine basics for home owners. How to get started if you're thinking of creating your own wind power at home. Box fan windmill. Make a wind...

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Mini DIY 12" Wind turbine

Building a Wind Turbine

Silent rooftop wind turbines could generate half of a household's energy needs -

DIY wind turbine

Wind turbine motor info and tutorial. What you should learn about wind generator magnetic motors with regard to DIY and kitset wind turbines.

Wind Energy Kits for Homes | Rooftop Wind Farm Honeywell WT6500 Wind Turbine by WindTronics

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine by hooptey.

Hybrid Wind/Solar Power Generators for Homes

The Wind Cube is designed to work in an array, bolted onto the side of a house with a handful of other identical turbines. Just 15 of these small home turbines on a house could provide enough power for a family of four.