The best Baby Teething Tips and Remedies.

Teething biscuits made with a banana and infant cereal. No sugar.

Must try these baby massages, apparently it puts children into such a good sleep.

Advice for when a teething baby won't sleep

baby teeth chart. This way makes more sense to me.

Cradle cap remedy ~ also a suggestion for help with acne. Helpful if I need it one day

Baby massage for when your baby has discomfort from a cold or teething. (This was pinned to the main page -- STOP DOING THAT, PINNERS! -- and I hunted it down for the article specifically. You're welcome.)

57 Strategies to Defeat Teething Pain and Get More Sleep! Every tip on the planet - homemade DIY, all natural remedies, even OTC medications

Baby months

Ohmygosh adorable! Looks comfy :) Shopping cart hammock by Binxy Baby

Baby Food

What to do with baby all day long

Most babies are ready to sleep through the night by 3 to 4 months -- if their parents let them. Learn how these common mom-and-dad errors can turn your baby into a poor sleeper.

Infant stimulation: Playing with many good ideas! Awesome site to refer to

Great advice on getting a baby to sleep through the night! I used this with all 4 of my babies and it worked like a charm!

Baby Teething Pain 2 57 Strategies to Defeat Baby Teething Pain & Get More Sleep

Baby Milestones

The gentlest and most effective way to teach your baby to sleep through the night! #BabyWhisperer #SleepTraining

Better than putting them all in a plastic baggy. I want this for my kid.