Video clip of Matisse and his scissors :)

LOVE this Matisse video!!!

no excuses. Matisse

The real Frida Kahlo Video

Henri Matisse: "Painting with Scissors"

o'keeffe talking about her work


Modern Masters - Henri Matisse (BBC Documentary) - YouTube

Chuck Close's Unbelievable Fingerpainting Portrait - My Modern Metropolis

Matisse Jazz Collage Animation

Matisse in bed working on his cutours, Vence, 1948.Matisse in the autum of 1911., Henri Matisse Famous Artists at Work in their Art Studio Resources for CAPi- Create Art Portfolio Ideas at, a Peek at Famous Artist Studios

Paper cut outs,Matisse

Rembrandt's Self-Portraits: This "morphing" video is fascinating as we watch the Great Master move through the ages of his life.

draw what you see.....

matisse and me video....good intro for collage lesson for little ones.

Matisse drawing

Matisse, Woman in a Purple Coat

The Dream, 1935 Henri Matisse

Graffiti: art or vandalism video; MS

Modern Masters is a four-part television series detailing the life and work of four giants of 20th century art: Henri Matisse; Pablo Picasso; Salvador Dali a...

Henri Matisse / Laurette in Green in a Pink Chair