Two-headed turtle: Hatchling found on northern Jupiter Island, Florida

Here is a photo of a turtle being tickled with a tooth brush. You're welcome.

Two-headed Blue Shark found

It's a bizarre creature that survives by eating its hosts' tongue and then attaching itself inside the mouth. The sea-dwelling parasite attacks fish, burrows into it, and then devours its tongue. After eating the tongue, the parasite proceeds to live inside the fish's mouth. There's a horror film waiting to be made about this thing. Surprisingly, the fish doesn't seem to suffer any severe impediment--just the loss of its tongue--and seems to have no trouble surviving with its new tongue ;)

Isn't he cute? A turtle with algae on his head...

image from the National Geographic Documentary Extraordinary Animals in the Womb

Siamese twins!

Tallest dog: Three-year-old Great Dane Zeus and his owner Denise Doorlag in Michigan. On his hind legs, he towers over her at 7ft 4in

can we keep him?

Sea Turtle Socks from The Sock Drawer

The Archelon is the largest sea turtle species ever discovered. It lived during a time when most of North America was covered by a shallow ocean, about 75-65 million years ago.

can cheer up any bad day :)

A deep sea photographer caught a sea turtle hitching a ride with a jelly fish cloud...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :]

sea flora grew on this turtle's head!!

Embrace Uniqueness

Skateboard riding turtles!

Turtle and dragonfly

cute turtle

sea #turtles hatching