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Antique Folkart Carousel horse 1905 PTC #9 stander Pine Grove PA

Antique FolkArt Carousel Horse 1905 PTC 9 Stander Pine Grove PA | eBay

Stein and Goldstein made some of the most beautiful carousel horses. With flowery trappings, large buckles on the saddles and the expressive, large eyes these distinctive and graceful animals are among the most prized by collectors today.

Carousel horse. When I was a kid, I always preferred Carousel horses with reins so I could "properly" ride the horse instead of holding onto the pole!

962-Philadelphia Toboggan Co. A rare petite striding horse with tucked head.

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PTC E Joy Morris carousel horse restored antique folkart amusement park ride

Antique FolkArt Carousel Horse PTC E Joy Morris Restored Double Parrot Saddle | eBay

Outer Ring Zebra/Trojan on the carousel at the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, San Jose, CA

M.C. Illions - $77,000 M.C. Illions Armored Stander, 1900-1905, Lead Horse from Feltman's Luna Park Carousel, Coney Island, NY. Exceptionally rare horse, the only one known to have survived the fire that destroyed this famous carousel. Photograph shows this horse aboard the carousel on the right-hand side. Full head and body armor, adorned with jewels and tassels, latticework rump drape, boldly carved roaring lion's head at the cantle. Restored by R Design. 59 long x 58 high..