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Brilliant!!!!! Diaper strap - keeps diaper and wipes together in the big purse! I think I'll make this with velcro instead so it can fit 1 or 2 diapers.

Diaper Strap -- Useful for throwing a couple of diapers and some wipes into a separate bag, or for keeping the diaper bag organized. This seems like an easy sewing project I could handle and would make a good gift.

Cut a hole in a pacifier and stick a dropper in it to make taking medicine slightly less traumatizing.

35 Clever Parenting Ideas Every Parent Needs To Know

Snip a small hole in her pacifier and give her her medicine through the hole! Much less hassle than trying to give it in the dropper alone! Good idea, but the paci should be thrown out after that. It's not safe to let a kid have a paci with a hole in it.

Butt face crochet pants. Monster butt face. Monkey butt

Monkey Butt & Monster Butt :) Wish they were crochet! Might be enough to make me learn to knit. or suggestions for my knit-literate sister ;

Best baby outfit ever!! LOL

Humor is awesome. The word "vagina" is awesome. People's reactions to using the word "vagina" in everyday conversation is awesome.

Too freaking cute...Nicholas needs this!!!!! @Kosta Phillips @Kendall Lara

Well, If You Mustache, I'm.this is so cute and funny. T-shirt - Little Man Birthday Shirt - Chocolate and Cream - Can be customized for any age.

I'd Flex But I Like This Onesie - Funny Onesie - Choose Size and Color. $12.99, via Etsy.

I'd Flex But I Like This Onesie - Funny Onesie - Choose Size and Color. via Etsy.

Gangasta Juice Box Kid One-Piece

Gangasta Juice Box Kid One-Piece. So freaking cute! Migirova if you guys have kids this is what ill be buying you lol

Cradle rocking chair

Combining a rocking chair and a baby cradle is a great idea. Rockid from Ontwerpduo is such cool furniture object, where you could seat, read a book and rock

Such a cute baby announcement! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage!

First comes love - engagement picture, then comes marriage - wedding picture, now they'll need a baby carriage - pregnancy announcement. Such a touching idea.