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Vintage Fisher Price Horse Riding Toy, 1970s Vintage Childrens Outside Toy, Toddler Toy

Forgot all about this! Vintage Fisher Price Horse Riding Toy, Vintage Childrens Outside Toy, Toddler Toy

Fisher Price

Fisher Price Airplane -Oh my brother and I played with all his FP toys, but this and the airport.

It had plastic coins too!

Fisher Price cash register - My mom thinks this helped me with my cash register skills today!

Thought I was so cool with my 1st tape recorder

(Fisher Price Cassette Tape Player) This was one of my own most-used and most-cherished childhood toys. I played and recorded countless tapes on it, and it’s still tucked away in storage, because how could I part with it?

Little Golden Books.. My childhood faves!

Anyone else get excited when they see these bindings?Golden Books - loved these always brings me back to my childhood love, reading!

I ran into a telephone pole while running down the street with this, of course looking down at the plane, and knocked myself out (I was taxiing down the runway!)

Vintage Fisher Price Airplane Toy Fisher Price Little People Airplane In great condition 12 X Made in the USA

Vintage Fisher Price Farm...1967 - 1986.  I still have my son's set!

Vintage Fisher Price Family Play Farm Animals Barn Silo Tractor Truck 1967 1986 loved that it 'mooed' when the barn door opened.

Kids back in the day zoomed around on "Creative Coasters" instead of Power Wheels.

FP Creative Coaster This was the precursor to the electric cars that the kids ride today. The kids back then definitely got exercise in a way that our youth today do

Fisher Price Dr. Kit- hit Jon over the head with this... time for real doctors to intervene!!!! (He had to have stitches, and dad made me tell Dr. what happened!)

Fisher Price Medical Kit McKey We should have became doctors. We played with this thing ALL the time!

Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub!

Vintage Three Men in a Tub by Fisher Price: An irresistable family favorite! One of my favorite bath tub toys!