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    Ole Olson
    • 3 years ago

    If abortion is murder, then...

    • Laurie Marshall-Griffith

      And, unless I'm mistaken, I don't believe anyone posted comments about a woman's rights or what she can or cannot do. We were just responding to how sophomoric she (the woman in the picture) is in her thought process. This all got ridiculously out of control

    • Laurie Marshall-Griffith

      If this woman believes swallowing cum is cannibalistic, she's flat out stupid. That's all we were saying- at least before it got out of control or mistaken. thinking her poster is dumb doesnt mean we are or are not Forced birth extremists. That, as an accusation, is what was extreme

    • Ole Olson
      • 2 years ago

      Technically, if we are going to use extreme definitions, then she is correct. Sperm is alive and part of a human, so consuming it would be cannibalism. The point is however that we cannot use such strict and literal definitions when it comes to things. An embryo is alive, of course, but so is sperm. I'm very happy you chose to carry your fetus to term Laurie. I'm sure it's an awesome kid and you love him or her very much. Make their life as beautiful and rich as you can. I will contend however that we shouldn't stretch definitions to the point where laws become insane however. A little girl who was raped by her retarded brother, impregnated, and then has a braindead fetus (with a full heartbeat) that could endanger her life if she gives birth, that little girl should certainly have the freedom to consult with her doctor and terminate her pregnancy. That is between her and her doctor, nobody else.

    • Laurie Marshall-Griffith

      You are absolutely right. Sperm swim and either reach an egg or die. Initially I found the poster absurd because I did think it was extreme for it would make a great percentage of women cannibals- and in a sense, comparing apples to oranges. For sperm cannot hiccup, yawn. Etc. and absolutely. Everyone has the right to do as he/she sees fit. And I am sure there are those out there who might change their tune if a situation arises and it's no longer just supposition (not even sure if that's the word i mean). Like in theory, this is what i would do, but when faced with the issue in real life... bottom line, i cannot live others' lives nor would I ever want to. I only want to have to answer for my own decisions, even the foolish ones. Honestly, my intention was not to offend. It was more of a "is this woman for real??" kind of thing. I am so new at Pinterest, in many ways and at times I see the pin but fail to remember it was pinned by a person. None of my comments were directed at you.

    • Laurie Marshall-Griffith

      I sincerely apologize if I came off that way

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