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Easy Healthy Recipe Substitutions

Use Evaporated Skim Milk, Not Heavy Cream. When your recipe calls for heavy cream Best used for: custards, desserts Why substitute? Use evaporated skim milk to remove the fat and calories of heavy cream while maintaining the consistency.

If you find yourself out of heavy cream and you need some for a recipe, use this simple substitute that requires only two ingredients. | CDKitchen.com

Heavy Cream Substitute

If you find yourself out of heavy cream and you need some for a recipe, use this simple substitute that requires only two ingredients = Milk + Butter (or margarine)

Make your own Heavy cream

Make Your Own Heavy Cream In A Pinch! :) If you need heavy cream for a recipe make your own by combining a mix of of a cup of whole milk , cup melted butter. This will give you 1 cup heavy cream

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HAPPY RABBITS: Fabulous - frozen yogurt bites!

Love this idea: Frozen yogurt bites! Drop yogurt off spoon onto wax paper and freeze. bag them up for a sweet ,treat. i dipped strawberrys in yogurt and thats yummy too (you can use an ice cube tray to help keep form but you will need small berrys

27 Lifesaving Charts For Anyone Who Loves Baking

27 Lifesaving Charts For Anyone Who Loves Baking

Sweet Pickled Banana Peppers. I love these peppers on hot dogs, hamburgers or what ever. They are so easy to make. You can double the recipe with no problem.

Sweet Pickled Banana Peppers

Sweet Pickled Banana Peppers lb banana pepper, seeded and sliced crossways into rings Pickling Juice 2 cups white vinegar cup white sugar teaspoon mustard seeds teaspoon celery seed

The Frugal Pantry: Magic Mix  Never buy Cream of ______ soup again.also a base for Cheese sauce, pudding, etc.

Magic Mix 4 cups instant powdered milk cups non -instant powdered milk) 1 cup flour 1 cup margarine or butter combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix until it looks like cornmeal. Cover tightly and store in refrigerator. Makes 5 cups of Magic Mix.

Never buy a rotten avocado again: If it looks like this (above)--nice and light green--you're good to go!

Health Wow: The Secret Trick to Never Buying a Rotten Avocado Again

Ripe Not Rotten Avocado Flick the dry stem off the fruit. If you see a brown patch under the stem, put that avocado back. It will be gross inside.But, if the fruit right under the stem is bright avocado yellow-green, you have a winner

Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk Recipe ~ Delicious, takes five minutes (or less), and incredibly inexpensive.

Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk Recipe cup sugar, 1 cup dry powdered milk or 2 cups instant dry powdered milk (my grocery store only has instant so that is what I use), cup water, 1 tablespoon real butter.

Substitute for buttermilk in a recipe: milk plus 1 of 3 options shown above

Simple Buttermilk Substitutions - I read another pin saying: Place Tablespoon white vinegar or lemon juice in a liquid measuring cup. Add enough regular milk to bring the liquid up to the cup line. Let stand for 5 minutes, then use in the recipe.

Want to create healthy dessert recipes without sugar? Make healthy desserts easy by replacing sugar with honey - it's simple! Click through for the full conversions to replace sugar with honey. You also need to add baking powder and more so your baked goods turn out perfect!

Substitute Honey For Sugar & Get Perfect Baked Goods [Conversion Chart]

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