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Yes please.

Cute bridesmaid picture while getting ready.


simple engagement ring (love) absolutely love the wedding band

vintage flower girl

Closeup engagement shot

How to read a love letter women vs men

Engagement :)

Wedding DJ App - let's you choose the songs, craft the playlists, pauses, has fading transitions and lets you take requests while being played.

Gorgeous dress.

Picture this: gold sheer fabric, Christmas lights behind it, and a cute banner with our names in front held by twine. Stand in front for adorable cake pictures!


Take a picture with each of the bridesmaids, let them choose the pose. Send each girl a thank you note with your picture together. I love this idea

Guests sign a canvas print of the couple instead of a guestbook.

Cream and pink

Craft Lights - Decorating with Christmas Lights

Beauty Routine

Reconnect: 30 good questions to ask each other

Mix water with Elmer's glue and brush the inside of the mason jars. Add glitter of your choice to the inside of the jars, and roll/spin the jar around until the glitter coats the sides. Let dry and add a tea light! Great outdoor light...

BlushpinkGold Blush Pink & Gold Wedding Inspiration

Simple yet beautiful table set up, perfect for the outdoor wedding!

card book

Awesome engagement photo. Classy stuff right here.

30 fun, unique date ideas for: The Adventurous, The PDA Peeps, The Parentals, The Ballers, The Budget Friendly Fam & The Dreamers! SUCH good ideas!

A year of dates -- 1 date a month, planned, and mostly pre-paid. Pull out envelope on the first day of the month and pick a day/ time for the date. Not all cost money. I would do special dates on special months -- birthday months, anniversary months, valentine's day, etc. Some months have "at home" dates, others going out.