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    What do you mean I can't force people to follow my religious beliefs? STOP OPPRESSING ME!!

    Despite massive crowds the Bernie Sanders campaign can't seem to attract the attention of the media

    It's pretty refreshing to have a political leader with a consistent 30 year track record of fighting for the exact same things. Far too many change their positions depending on what the hot issue of the day focus groups tell them to support. #bernie2016

    GOP Hero Legalized Abortion…

    Funny how many fans of "traditional marriage" are divorced

    Irony: Anti-govt libertarian thanking socialist fire fighters for saving his home

    Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama Wrote Trumps racist immigration plan

    The games that Robber Barons play with people's lives are going to end...soon. A storm is coming

    The Koch Brother comedy act bring out their new puppet

    American flag flying in a place where human rights are violated? That would be Gitmo

    Funny Cartoon, Politics Humor

    Sometimes generalizations like this are true. Don't believe me? Take a very liberal stance and talk to a conservative. See what happens.

    Bernie wants to send your kids to college. Republicans want to send your kids to Iran.

    Fox News watchers are immune to the zombie apocalypse

    GOP Debate shut down by the EPA over hot air violations

    Get ready for the 2016 GOP Debate showdown!

    Scott Walkers gets handed a giant check for $900 Million by climate activists


    I'm trying to follow my own advice. But if that fails, I'll get better advice.


    This is the ultimate response to extremism

    Let them eat... tax cuts!

    Billionaires and Oligarchs Opposing Bernie Sanders: BOOBS

    Texas Textbooks: coming to a school near YOU!