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back when every kid didn't have an iPhone

Giga pet-- I had this one.I remember wanting one so bad cause my older sister had one that I used to babysit

toys from 1990's | polly pocket released back in 1990 s

50 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again. Oh man, talk about a blast from the past! I had this exact Polly Pocket!

I had so many of these things. Also, Stretch Armstrong, X2L, and Speak n Spell <3

Funny pictures about Things you will never get for Christmas again. Oh, and cool pics about Things you will never get for Christmas again. Also, Things you will never get for Christmas again.

:) awesome memories!

We've All Been There

Nokia - my first cell phone

if you had a cell phone it was really just a cordless phone that you could play snake on Me: This is almost (or actually) identical to my first cellphone . but I never played this "snake" people refer to .

Those were the days. Sad that kids these days can't appreciate them.

these are all so true! Except the gum and the wonderball for me. The rest define my childhood.

Just some 90s things

"My Childhood Memories as a kid!" Ah memories! I totally forgot it was called limited too

My favorite one ever: "The cheese is old and moldy." 20 years later, this CONTINUES to make me and Chase roll in the floor and crack up!

Long before Kenan Thompson kept me laughing as an adult on "Saturday Night Live", he made me laugh as a child on Nickelodeon's "All That". As Pierre Escargot, he taught us very useful phrases in French.

oh yes! (still do with my students :-P )

50 things you will never be able to forget kids) I definitely coated my hands in Elmer's glue just to peel it off.must see this list. So TRUE