sage keeps bugs away in camp fire

woof-em delicious campfire treat

make sage bundles and toss them into the firepit to keep mosquitos away

How to make color fire.

Fill container with vinegar, sugar and salt to trap wasps... I'll be placing these around the yard this year!

Will buy a few panty hoses for the bug out bag after reading this article!

Plant lemon grass in pots, keeps mosquitos away!

Listerine (the amber color) works great to keep skeeters away from your yard. Spray it on the grass, in the bushes, around doors, on lawn chairs and patio. let it sit for a half hour and no skeeters. We have been using this for two years now and I am still amazed at how well it works. The smell doesn't last, but lack of skeeters does. For us it worked for almost two days.

Adding sage to your campfire or fire pit keeps mosquitoes and bugs away.

Handmade Fire in the Hole Explosively Awesome Campfire Soap by Outlaw Soaps

How To Build A Simple Fire Pit: For Instructions, please visit © copyright Mike Kraus

DIY Gel Fire Pits Tutorial

Camping tricks....Try spraying “Original” Listerine around the campsite to repel mosquitoes. You’ll find more suggestions here.

campfire roasted cinnamon rolls. Why has nobody told me about this?!?!

This guide is about making a mosquito trap. To keep mosquitoes from ruining a picnic or camping trip, it is nice to have an enticing trap to lure them away from you.

Oranges burn like candles. No messy wax, and no wick required. Who knew? I bet these smell amazing! Must try this!

A 16-ounce water bottle will hold 8–9 large eggs. | 41 Genius Camping Hacks You'll Wish You Thought Of Sooner

Campfire Burritos

RV Bug Screen Mods - Keep The Creepy Crawlers Out - we get wasp nests in our vents so this would be great! Great DIY RV camping idea!

fire pit

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