WOW :: Luxema 8000 Spa :: Host the ultimate pool party. Throw the mother of all fiestas with this huge double-decker spa from SPAmbient, a Slovenia-based company. Although this international sensation might be tricky to get a hold of in the U.S., it shows how a stereo system, TV and built-in bar can be included in a hot tub. Who needs a pool, anyway?

The ultimate dog bed

God wants me to have this bathtub and also a big heavy lock on my bathroom door and also soundproof so that I don't have to hear my name until I'm ready to come out again lol :D

Gorgeous Small Bathroom Design with Pleasant Bathtub Shower Combo: simple small bathroom design with corner tub shower combo and white toilet

Balcony Pools are the Ultimate in Luxury


I would never leave this bathtub!

Enclosed tub. Drooling!

Need my babe to make this for me!!!!

Bathtub with a view

Kohler Soak Tub. The water over flows to create a waterfall sound.

dark grey and deep teal

mermaid bathroom :)!


Cool bathtub

Wine barrel bathtub

Bathtub in the shower

Nordstrom at Home 'Chloe' Duvet Cover | Nordstrom

Book & wine holder for bath tub... PERFECT! Now I just need a comfortable bathtub.