God wants me to have this bathtub and also a big heavy lock on my bathroom door and also soundproof so that I don't have to hear my name until I'm ready to come out again lol :D

I like the sheer curtain & the light above. Let's not forget that tub, of course! I could do without the black Ugly curtains and the plant. Dislike the wall color, pictures on wall, the mirror and whatever is holding the alcohol lol

the ultimate shoe storage

ultimate movie night

A his-and-her tub.

I would never leave this bathtub!

Now here's a thought...Laundry right in closet; put clean clothes away right after they're done washing! Love it!


Kohler waterfall shower head.


Oh. Em. Gee. Wanttt!!


fireplace/bathtub yes please!

With extra locks on the door!!!

Who wouldn't love a fireplace by an awesome tub?!

@Shaina Cooney!!! this was MADE FOR YOU

Sunken bathtub. Its like a pool in your bathroom. Love! @ Home DIY Remodeling


Bath by the fire!!!! Omg