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I'm not sure why this creeps me out so much. Thank you for that, Martha Stewart.

d'awwwww... what a cute halloween costume idea

Wear black and white clothes and makeup, and make your own text cards. Great Halloween costumes!!

Halloween Costumes: For Tom: get a fake (or real!) beard, a Fed Ex package, and some tattered shorts.For Wilson: papier-maché a beach ball and paint it white, then paint a face in red (directions here).

omg i want my boyfriend to do this with andrew=) >.>The full instructions for this adorable costume are here, but you don't have to handmake every detail

Best idea ever. Wrap a BabyBjorn or other snuggly in felt and glue popcorn to your baby's hat. Get a bowtie and suspenders for yourself, and make peace with the fact that you are fake-peddling your child as if it were food.

30 Unexpected Halloween Costumes You Can DIY . Picture: peanut butter and jelly!