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Pin for Later: This Couple Tied the Knot in an Apple Orchard — and It's Stunning

Real Weddings: Ashley + Kevin

"The love of her life, her protector, her partner, but best of all… her best friend." Awww! We're so getting a picture like this.

"It's straight." She grinned and looked up at him. "I know. I just love touching you." "You can touch me all you want when we get home." "Is that a promise?" - "Absolutely."

Life, love, and some other stuff.: so, you wanna see some photos? well you asked for it...

For people who may have one side of the family that is broken---you can do generations from one side...Grandparents married for 50+ years, then parents, then bride and groom

i love this idea!! the couple made these booklets w questions and placed them on the table for the guest to answer!! at the end u can combine all the booklets into one book!! :) very creative!!

8 Things All Teachers Need at Their Desk

Teachers love school supplies, but what other great items do you need at your teacher desk?

Lots of laughs together. What can help make it so much better with any couple? Ephesians 5:18, Zero. null, don't need it. Need Him instead. 1 Peter 5:8, Isaiah 5:11, Proverbs 23:29-35

50 Things All Brides Should Do the Week of Their Wedding . Write the Groom a Love Letter. Jot down a couple of words and feelings for your soon-to-be hubby to read on the morning of the wedding. It will help get him excited and emotional for the day ahead of both of you.