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Ethiopia : Arbore boy

Portrait of a suri, surma tribe women, Ethiopia.

Africa, Boy, Ethiopia,

Mursi tribeswoman with unusual headdress, painted face and lower lip stretched to accommodate lip plate. Omo Delta, Ethiopia, Africa.

Suri girl with clay painted face


Suri tribal. Ethiopia

Mursi tribe

Sakalava tribe. Nosy Be, Antsiranana, Madagascar, East Africa.

Ethiopia Tribes - Erbore


Komoka Tribe. Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea


Young boy , Mursi Tribes, Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia



Portrait of man from Kandep Sing Sing group.Wabag, Enga, Papua New Guinea

A Tribal Woman Clad with Shell Necklaces. Papua New Guinea

Kikuyu Tribe Kenya

Dressed as a monkey and doing the part of Hanuman, this tribal dance performers was from Andra Pradesh. Haryana, North India.

Tribal and folk dancers. With peacock feathers. This group is from Jumjum Masjid. Surajkund Crafts Mela 2009, Haryana, North India.

Suri children. Omo Delta, Ethiopia

Wolfe's tribes of a decorated Maasai.

Mursi Tribe. Ethiopia

Portrait of man in tribal face paint at Enga. Wabag, Enga, Papua New Guinea