• Brittany Ballard

    "moon" a Rita! Yes!!!!!!

  • Twaddle Pins

    Moonarita a.k.a. Blue Moon Mango Margarita - Mango margarita mix (use a pre-made mix or blend one up fresh using following recipe.) Tequila | Blue Moon Beer | 1 Lime - Make your mango margarita and pour it in a big glass (like a 20oz goblet). This part is important...no matter what kind of glass you're using, only fill it half way with mango margarita...pour too much margarita in and when you insert the beer...you'll have very sad major spillage. Once you fill your glass, insert your beer. This part is easy and fun, there's no wrong way to do it, just flip it over and put it in your margarita. Now garnish with a lime, and enjoy! • Homemade Fresh Mango Margarita Mix - 1oz tequilla | 1/2oz triple sec | 1/2oz sweet & sour mix | 1/2 cup fresh frozen mangos (the frozen ones make a more slushy consistency) - Blend with ice.

  • Crystal Stuckwisch

    Summer drinks. Blue Moon mango margaritas. this may be the best drink ever.

  • HelloMyNameIsT

    Blue Moon mango margarita's. had these in Hawaii blue moon white is THE best beer!

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Great chart of actions that show characters' feelings.

Yes, Please!!!

Love you and miss Lindsey!!!