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  • Esther Fan

    Glass bottle wall + arch, Airlie Gardens, near Wilmington, North Carolina

  • Beverly Kennedy

    not a tree, but a use of bottles......The Bottle Chapel~ One of the more recent and notable bottle walls is The Bottle Chapel at Airlie Gardens near Wilmington, North Carolina. Created as a tribute to Minnie Evans, outsider artist- WHAT??? Bebe'!!! Really unique Bottle Art!!!

  • Beckah Pipenhagen

    Recycled glass bottle art

  • Dobrin Rusenov

    How to Recycle: Recycled Bottle Walls and Houses

  • Elizabeth Pugh

    Glass Bottle Walls. This might work to separate the garden...Great way to reuse all those wine bottles!!

  • Lisa Shaver

    Gorgeous glass wall made of recycled glass bottles.

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