These are just the cutest - travel bugs

38 amazing things you can do with an empty Altoid tin box. Some simple, some super crafty, some awesomely functional, some special keepsakes, and lots just for fun. This would be awesome as a keepsake as a gift/favour etc

DIY Tiny Friends in an Altoids Tin // 31 F**king Adorable Things To Make For Babies

Travel Wees Toy Sewing Pattern – Handmade DIY Tutorials on Etsy – Make Your Own Plush Dolls and Toys | Small for Big

seven thirty three - - - a creative blog: Altoids Tin {Craft Round-Up}

My Pet Cloud -- An Adorable, Easy and Inexpensive Craft. (Less than 15-cents each to make and under 30-minutes to make up a few dozen) #craft #kidscraft Inspired by the Girl Scout swap kits on the Swaps-a-lot website.

This mini pool table is a perfect DIY gift for dad and is the perfect size to slip inside a desk drawer- maybe for an impromptu game with a co-worker? Makes a great homemade stocking stuffer gift for Christmas!

A portable dollhouse. Perfect for car trips or airplane.

mmmcrafts: Tuck's Wee Mousie. This is too cute

Holiday Dough- cute idea for if you don't know what to get someone or they ask for money.

pea pod washcloths and bath bombs

Magnetic tic tac toe from Altoids box. This is such a cute idea:)

FEBRUARY PROJECT - cutest idea ever. 1. collect rocks 2. paint hearts on them 3. place them back outside where people can find them

Awesome stocking stuffers: Poly-fleece filled with rice. Just pop these little cuties in the microwave for 30 seconds and then slip them into coat pockets to keep hands warm at the bus stop and for up to an hour after. These REALLY WORK!

kid's drawstring backback bag kits - every second month they will add a new kit with a stylish and unique design Chick Chack

Great Idea for Stone Art

Cute idea..... Stones painted like lady bugs and strong bent wire for feet

button tree

cool craft

gift-giving idea.

Rock Dominoes Smooth flat stones aren't just for skipping -- they're perfect for game pieces, too. For a set of dominoes, all you need is 28 stones and a white paint pen to draw lines and dots. Begin by drawing a line across the center of each. Then on either side of the line, mark with two sets of dots in every combination from zero to six.