Ha! “I seen”…..

This one is a particular pet peeve--SPECIFICALLY! Grammar & Writing Blog | Grammarly

haha, why is this so true?

Hahaha! Pet peeve!

Our cabin had no WiFi or ESPN...thought the adults were going to die! Good thing there was lots to do outside of the cabin! LOL


you had me at the proper use of you're

Hahaha I have actually done this and still have the emails just for the laugh.

Thanks Lisa for sending this to me. I needed a good laugh!!

I do

Biggest pet peeve!!!!

thank you. For real!!

Ugh.... this is my Mother when she was online. She would call me up and say this exact thing, then proceed to tell what was IN her email.


Fucket list

Very true.

Pretty much one of my top pet peeves.


Too funny!!

This is true

Congratulations on giving your daughter a name that she won't have to change when she becomes a stripper.