AMDMODE - James Marsden looks simply flawless in this perfectly tailored light brown suit, but what about the blue sock, PERFECT or NOT?

James Marsden

James Marsden

Dave Franco in a brown suit with blue shirt and tie

Navy suit .. Looks super good on him.

This is how a man's clothing should fit. He looks fabulous! Secure those Pocket Squares with the help of The Hanky Buddy!

stylish men with stylish shoes #fashion

earth-tone suit jacket


Todd Snyder Classic Henley #Nordstrom #GQSelects

Light suit

Dark navy suit

Glen checks for double breasted jackets.

Blue and brown... Love the suede

Blue Double Breast Suit

Well Suited with nice shoes.

The socks make the outfit

socks that pop


08. Stay (All the Way) Solid We've championed patterned shirts and ties more than anyone, but less is more right now, remember? This spring, solid colors look super-sharp, not snoozy. Especially when you think beyond just classic white and blue dress shirts and reach for a new strain of green.