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diy bag tutorial - between the lines

Denim Tote with Leather handles This rugged denim bag looks amazing. I love the leather handles, and the raw salvage top. Between the.


5 tutoriales para hacer tus mochilas

DIY denim bag - I am going to make these for my shopping totes - LOVE IT!

La boutique retour (exemple complet)

Free sewing pattern for a shopping bag with a drawstring closure. Or a beach bag.

deze leuke en eenvoudige vak tote is een grote formaat om mee te nemen en maakt ook een goed project zak de totalisator kan worden opengelaten, of u kunt de lederen band cinch in de zijkanten, die werkt ook als een afsluiting het vak tote is gemaakt met onze oorspronkelijke tekening afgedrukt met donker blauwe oplosmiddel vrij in. STOF INFO: buitenste 100% linnen - havermout kleur voering 100% biologische katoen CA. AFMETINGEN: H 9,5 x W 8.5 x D 8,5 inch (24.13 X 20,32 X 20.32 cm) Top ope...

BOX TOTE - pepita

Schritt für schritt Anleitung um diese stylische Tasche selbst zu nähen. Cool oder?

Easy step by step tutorial for bag - but do it with thick rope for handles…

Jackets over Frocks Ivey Abitz Voices via Polyvore

Thrift store suede jacket + a belt + a tote pattern + a lining What a great idea.guess who's looking for a cool belt at the thrift store.it will go nicely with the cut up thrift store coats from last year.

How to make purse straps from belts

How to make purse straps from belts - good to know when making felted purses. I have thought about this and even looked at belts.

project 22: DIY LEATHER TOTE Good tutorial. Don't want to "piece" it together this way though as the less cuts you have the more durable and less sewing.

Sometimes all you need is a simple leather tote. Sometimes that simple leather tote will cost you a couple hundred dollars.

9 simple tricks for sewing leather and fake leather on a home machine

Tips for Sewing With Leather and Faux Leather

9 simple tricks for sewing leather and fake leather on a home machine Fashion leather articles at 60 % wholesale discount prices