11 Unbelievably Tiny Puppies You'll Want to Put in Your Pocket

11 Unbelievably Tiny Puppies You'll Want to Put in Your Pocket

Dachshund puppy eyes are one of the pure forces of good left in this cruel world. JUST LOOK AT THEM.

Beautiful Dachshund

This dog is beautiful. Typical dachshund with it's blanket.

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So true . I thought mine were the only "fetch" deficient Dachshunds!

Feel the wrath that is my tiny teeth...on your toe! (cue in little puppy laugh) I #AwesomePawsomePuppies

35 reasons Dobermans are the worst dogs to ever own. *Edit: I guess some people are just too literal. This is not a negative article about dobermans, it's for doberman lovers.

EXPLAIN CAUSE: What might have caused this to happen? (The most likely reason for this is...)

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