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    Well, it's only a little because I don't know how to make friends.

    Hold hands every chance you get... marry your best friend... hug often... remember why you fell in love... #marriage #quotes

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    There are people you will never see the same way ever again...



    week 2 #2Nora’s characterisitics are being stuck up and secretive around her husband. She wants to become an independent free woman who can do whatever she wants whenever she wants.

    perfectly worded :)

    I thought I always wanted a big circle of friends but I found out there's way too much drama involved. I gain fake friends and got treated poorly and used and it makes you doubt who your true friends really are. Cut those fake people from your life and don't allow them to make your life miserable. I've got way too many people that care about me than to deal with those fake friends who only care for themselves.

    Story of my life. Hate users...

    Good friends

    Don't need friends like that....if you know me today, you'll know me tonorrow...If you are my friend , you're my friend no matter who is around...hate when people want to shun you, avoid you, and not talk to you depending on who they are around....those people are fake....and were never your friend to start with...TRUTH.....I don't like FAKE

    "I love straight forward people, make life ten times easier!" #quotes #sayings #inspirational

    Thing About Introverts #35: When people just assume that being quiet is all there is to your personality.

    ROFLOL, yeah!


    fake friend quotes | Fake Friends Leave Real Scars | My Message

    I have literally 3 true friends. I can tell them anything and everything. We might not talk all the time and we might be annoyed with each other 22 hours of the day but the other 2 we are still bestfriends and I love them more than anything.