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  • Lama Tajeldin

    blue lagoon

  • Nicole Anderson

    Rope swing into water.

  • Bridget Hartford

    3:29 pm “Hey, I have an idea” I say. You raise your eyebrow at me. We’ve been cuddling after our picnic on the blanket and just snuggling. Lying in the sun. The hot Texas sun. “Let’s go for a swim” “I didn’t bring a suit.” You say. “Neither did I” Our mischievious eyes meet.  We both hop up and start to run, clothes flung everywhere on the way to the swimming hole. We both hop and trip as we rip off our shoes and socks. We trudge as we drop our pants, and.. more! We hit the water together, and we both dive in. We come up for air together, in each other’s arms.. refreshed and alive.  “I’ve never gone skinny dippin” I say to you. You can’t say the same, can you? You smile at me, but no words. You naughty girl! We spend the afternoon swimming, our bodies wrinkling in the water. The afternoon’s been fun, the picnic, the swim. But we both decide to get out and dry off. No towel… presents a problem. The sun has moved west and isn’t so high and hot, but it sure will be warm enough to dry off our bodies. “Let’s lie on the beach.” I say. “Have you ever sat out naked on a beach before?” “NEVER, but I really love the idea!” you say. As we lie I can feel your frisky hand on my chest. It’s not content to stay, it wanders, your fingers tracing my torso and slowly making their way downward. I can see in your eyes that wanton look. You bite your lip, and give me that pouty face you make that I can’t resist. “Whatcha thinking?” I say, as you roll over and climb on top of me. “I want to fuck you. Right here, and now. Out in the open. I don’t care who comes by.” As my mouth opens to kiss yours my hand slides down your ass. Your hand slides down my torso and grabs my cock. I slip a finger in your cunt and you are fucking soaked. I kiss your neck, nibble your ear, and whisper “Then fuck me.” You climb atop my cock and lower slowly on me. Your hips start to move, slowly riding me. As you moisten you start to ride me faster, harder. Your pussy gripping my cock. I grab your boobs and squeeze.  My hand lifts to your head and I pull you down to kiss me. My hand in your hair, I grip hard and I pull you to the side. We roll together and I go from bottom to top. I want to ride you now. My hand on your neck to hold myself up. I am lying pressuring you. My body fully on top of yours. One hand around your neck, the other still pulling your hair. Moving your face from side to side so I can kiss and lick where I choose.  I whisper “I’m gonna use your little cunt like it’s my own hole to fuck. You.. are mine. Don’t try to move.”  I wrap my fingers around your neck. I squeeze making it hard for you to breath. You can’t talk.  "Let me hear you moan, my dirty girl… What a naughty girl you are. Skinny dipping, fucking in public. On a beach. You dirty dirty girl.“  It’s hard for you to moan, my weight on your throat. My cock pumping in you. Hard, fast. Filling you. I grunt as I start to shoot my cum. Inside you, again. My cock spasms and twitches. I release your neck, and hair. I roll off you. We both start to catch our breath. I look you deep in the eyes and say "You aren’t done.” Your eyes electrify. Shock, and a slight gasp from your mouth.  “I want you to grind your cunt on my face, right now. Climb on, I want to taste us.” You do as you’re told, and I lick you, my tongue delving inside you. Our cum mingled. You squeeze to expel the fluids into my mouth. My tongue lapping it up. Savoring us. As the last of the cum drips out, I spin you over and onto your back. My mouth over yours. I pry my fingers between your lips and kiss you. Opening your mouth with mine I let the some of our cum drip out and into your mouth, but not all. Our tongues tease and dance together. Our eyes locked still, again.  “Swallow it” I command, and you do, as I swallow the remains in my mouth. “You’re my good girl.” Next installment: 6:41 pm.

  • Morgan Perkins

    tropical place, rope swing

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