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Ambatalia 10-in-1 Wrapping Cloth

How to wrapping by furoshiki ( OTSUKAI DUSTUMI )

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Furoshiki: Eco Gift Wrap Using Scarves - Venusian*Glow

Pretty cool gift wrapping ideas for the frugal ones. Furoshiki: Eco Gift Wrap Ideas, just in time for wrapping your holiday gifts!

Wondering how to do cloth gift wrap? We love wrapping up cute stuff in pretty fabric here at Wrapsody, so we LOVE furoshiki. Check out these how-to's for the art of wrapping packages in fabric.

Como hacer Bolsos con Telas. Tecnica de Furoshiki

I like the idea of using cloth as a packaging because it is different from any of the commercial plastic and cardboard materials and the cloth can be tied off to seal the product inside. It feels handmade and not produced in a factory.

子供にもフロシキのこと : Camphortreeの日常

子供にもフロシキのこと : Camphortreeの日常

paper bin

Origami Garbage Bin Tutorial on folding a plant container-box from newspaper. Once your seeds are sprouted, you can plant the whole thing in the ground and it will biodegrade.