Dip Dye DIY

Dip Dye DIY


diy idea... dip dye a t-shirt & stamp with fabric paint (via Etsy- Isabel Knowles)

DIY dip-dyed shirt

Bleached heart tee.

wow- had no idea this was possible. Draw on sandpaper with crayolas, iron the image on to a t-shirt

Summer dyed TShirt. You need to soak it and rinse out the water. Make the dye bath according to the bottle. I find liquid dye much easier to work with. Dip it in the dye a few times and rinse. Remember to rince downwords, so that the whole T does not become blue. Dry. If you think the color is to light, simple repeat the whole process.

diy fashion

DIY Gemstone Soap Kit

Diy dip dye

I am in love with this. I have been playing around with t-shirts lately and this would be so fun. DOING THIS

Sprinkle Dyed Tank

I Spy DIY: [My DIY] Star Stamped T

DIY ombre shirt

T-shirt remake into racerback

DIY heart print shorts

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love off the shoulder

Sounds really easy. Looks really neat!!