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Nerves Are Overrated: Celebrities Refuse to Ditch Their Skinny Jeans

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military love ~ ~ ~ MM sez: it's so nice to see a couple kissing as though they mean it without trying to swallow each other!!! Kissing is not a competition - it is an art from the heart!

"When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled, because you knew." - William Shakespeare love quotes displayed on chalkboards at wedding

"I Choose You" - Jasmine and Aladdin - Aladdin My all time favorite Disney movie!! 143

The 25 Most Iconic Movie Kisses Of All Time | Love Story: In 2010, Ali MacGraw admitted to Oprah that she'd never understood her most famous line: "'Love means never having to say you're sorry' makes no sense!" But she did have a grip on what made Ryan O'Neal, her co-star in this 1970 film, so attractive to women: "First of all," she said, "he's a great kisser."

pose - engagement photo idea, so adorable!

This is my heart. The last kiss and the first are so... monumental. This is beautiful.

Sailor kiss~ Is it the train's steam.....or a hot steamy kiss? ~