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Can’t erase this image from my mind…

Can’t erase this image from my mind…

Funny pictures about Rejection-proof pick up line. Oh, and cool pics about Rejection-proof pick up line. Also, Rejection-proof pick up line.

Star Trek: TNG haircuts make you look like a...

Funny pictures about Haircuts Make A Huge Difference. Oh, and cool pics about Haircuts Make A Huge Difference. Also, Haircuts Make A Huge Difference photos.

Killing zombies in the virtual world of video games is pretty fun but wouldn’t it be 100-times more gratifying to blast those undead bastards in real life? Sign up for the live zombie apocalypse experience with wish.co.uk who offers 3-hour battles in an abandoned UK shopping mall using Airsoft guns. Nail your targets & special effect blood will spill. A manor house experience is also available if malls aren’t your thing.

Zombie Mall Experience - battles in an abandoned UK shopping mall or manor house, using airsoft guns

Just admit it, you have to have pretty much reached perfection elsewhere in the house before you start paying attention to the look of your light switches. These 12 model are gonna make you think twice. (light switches)

12 Craziest Light Switches - light switches

One way to keep your lunch from getting stolen in a shared fridge...:

Organ Transport Lunch Cooler, I want to get this for my mom who's a nurse!


Glow Stick Press On Nails (Set Of contains mini glow sticks in the plastic finger nails.

The 16 Best Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

The 16 Best Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

funny dogs

funny dogs

If your dog does the head-press thing, it could mean brain cancer. But otherwise these are funny :)>>>Also the one about a dog in the Walgreens parking lot is not okay, dogs shouldn't be left alone in the car

Features:          100% Brand New.          Up/down, go forward & backward, turn right & left

Remote Control RC Flying Shark Fish Inflatable Air Swimmer Blimp Balloon Toy New

Pirates Knocked Up Shrek, funny store signs, fun advertisements, ads, worst ever, bad, misspelled, wrong, fail, stupid, wtf, bad product names, funny names, funny people, wrong place wrong time,

16 Really Bad & Funny Signs and More! Vol. 1

I wouldn't be comfortable working with this :( |The most horrifying computer mouse we've ever seen: http://huff.to/N57n4B

Just NOPE. Smithsonian Glow-In-The-Dark Computer Mouse with real Spider inside --

A prized cut of quality meat doesn't need seasoning. However, if you absolutely must season it, the only acceptable choice is Ron Swanson BBQ sauce. This brand needs no sales pitch - if it's good enough to bear the Swanson name, it's good enough for you.

Ron Swanson BBQ Sauce

Parks and Recreation Ron F***ing Swanson BBQ Sauce This is actually a real thing. I've never been more excited!

The "Beerd" Can Beard Coozie

Hey Asheville here is a beer beard koozie to match your hipster beard!