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    • sdggbbj Dgbbgjhhb

      Oh, Doctor. Always having to make hard decisions. Pompeii or the world? Happy life with Rose or....:(poor Doctor

    • Kailyn

      Dr. Who fav dr :)...I like them all though

    • ✌ Kathleen S. Cruikshank ✌

      "The Doctor: Oo. She's smiling. (Donna's Mom smiling at the Doctor) As if today wasn't bad enough. Anyway. Don't go thinking this is goodbye, Wilf. I'll see you again. One more time...// Wilfred: What do you mean? When's that?...// The Doctor: Just... keep looking. I'll be there...// Wilfred: Where are you going?..// The Doctor: To get my reward." --- so at least he received some rewards at the end, small consolation for some of us.

    • Micheline △⃒⃘

      Fear has two meanings...the choice is always yours! #DoctorWho #inspirations

    • Emily Huffman

      Well, the tardis was there... but even it burned. :(

    • Alexandria Caughey

      Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor

    • Hillary Jones

      Doctor Who - David Tennant F.E.A.R. has two meanings

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