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All in your head

Not sure if this should go into "quotes' or "art". Love the illustration and the idea. change your thought and your life change with you

Paul Rand Peter Clark Peter Gut Pino Pascali Push Pin Studio Quentin Garel Raquel Aparicio Raymond Savignac Roberto Perini Ronald Searle San...

Sunday Safari - The Circus is Back in Town

Minsk Circus - vintage russian poster ~~~~` (Vintage Soviet Poster - Minsk is in Belarus')

Jazz  (collage)

This image makes me very happy. I love music, especially jazz. The flowers and colors remind me of the different moods I get when I listen to music. To me, this picture says life is jazzy, I'm doing just fine.

Not sure if this is a photo or a painting. I am trying to get more info from the source, so not yet ready to assume these are Spirit Orbs. I'll add info when and if I receive any.

Magical tent at the circus. Have you read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern? It's an amazing book full of mystery, magic and circus.

just let go..Acrobats by Aurelius Battaglia

Fireside Book of Favorite American Songs illustrated by Aurelius Battaglia my vintage book collection ---