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    Blanche Barrow: After Prison

    colorized photo of the lovely Bonnie Parker. Ted Hinton said that "pictures never did her any justice."

    This is Clyde's Mom& Dad.Henry & Cummie Barrow.Clyde was the 5th of 8 kids.Poppa Barrow worked as a cotton picker at a gas station.Money was always tight.Clyde was bitter to see his Pop work this hard & his Momma & siblings suffer.1 nite.Clyde & his brother Buck broke into a local store.Stealing the safe and were chased by local law.Clyde hit a tree all ran.Buck fell & was caught.Buck wouldn't tell who was w/ him doing the robbery & recieved several years in Huntsville State Prison.

    The Real Bonnie and Clyde | By all accounts she was a little spit-fire who smelled terrible and ...

    blanche barrow | Blanche Barrow: Photos of her Life with Bonnie and Clyde ~ Blanche ...

    The capture of Blanche Barrow

    This is Bonnie Parker, Before she went all Bonnie and Clyde. - Imgur

    "Everything that happened just happened. You run and keep runnin' until you hit the end of the line." -Blanche Barrow

    Bonnie and Clyde - possibly last photo of them alive

    Bonnie and Clyde - possibly last photo of them alive

    Blanche and Buck Barrow, Bonnie & Clyde gang

    Clyde Barrow's bullet ridden shirt

    Lawman Frank Hamer when he was a 24-year old City Marshal in Navasota, Texas. He would gain fame years later as the Texas Ranger who got Bonnie and Clyde.

    Costumes for the pair- clock the hairstyles and light colored fadora for Clyde

    Iconic Bonnie Dress

    Costume Research- clock the pearls and pinstripes

    This world will REMEMBER us!

    Photo of Blanche Barrow as she was apprehended- injured and nearly starving. THOSE RIDING PANTS are referred to in the script.

    Here is that Iconic Bonnie Dress again w/ Beret. Clyde will need a Fadora.

    Iconic White Coat and Beret needed for Bonnie- note the width of the Tie for Clyde

    Blanche's Mugshot Projection- note the eye injury.

    Nice wide ribbon around the Fedora. Check out Bonnie's hairstyle.

    Actual photo of Clyde Barrow's parents- haha Ezra and Cat!

    Clyde's Mugshot Projection- kinda looks like Jacob- just sayin'