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I'm really interested by their body language in the pictures. In season 1, there's a lot of space between Benedict and Martin, and Martin has his arms crossed, signifying slight discomfort (though he could just be cold). Season 2, they're closer and have more open body language, showing they're more comfortable with each other. Season 3, they're in each other's intimate space (very close - touching), showing they're very close and comfortable with each other. I love it!

*spoilers* Angry John. Gah i just realized he punched his teeth and nose!! <---Does that mean that (for those moments) John didn't love him anymore?

I'm pinning this again because I adore this scene... And everything it implies.

nerding out over the tube map behind them.. paths are accurate, even if names are changed!! :D

Don't mess with John Watson, MD!

When I first saw this picture, I hadn't watch that episode yet so I thought that johnlock actually happened. But after watching the episode, my dreams were crushed.

hahaha SOOO FUNNY! (gif set) >More great & cute (and muchly entertaining) work from ShockingBlankets!! ♥

meanwhile... And pretty soon Sherlock will be joining John in the adventure through Middle Earth as a dragon!! :D

John & Sherlock Cuz of the perspective John looks taller than Sherlock! Funny ;)

In other words the emotions I go through on a normal day

Sherlock and John...with CCTV casually watching in the background

Benedict Cumberbatch And Martin Freeman Film Sherlock. THEY ARE FILMING!!! Get excited!!!!